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Solar Air Conditioner


  • 12 000 - 24 000 BTU cooling power

  • 100% solar air cooling

  • High efficiency and reliability

  • Simple to assemble

  • Rated to cool or heat around 20-40 square meters

  • Pays for itself, within 15 months of running time

  • 5-year warranty

"isku-filan" MINIBOX

The Iskufilan MiniBox is a pre-engineered solar power station, prefabricated inside a palletized custom enclosure. It has an intelligent inverter system which enables it to seamlessly switch between islanded and grid-connected operation. The structural, electrical, and solar components are delivered inside the palletized enclosure and require less than a day to assemble.


  • Generator back-up options

  • 100% reliable rain or shine

  • Installs in a few hours, no foundation required

  • Fully automated operation

  • Remote monitoring and control

  • Plug & play, with pre-wired outlets

  • Connect multiple systems to meet any load

  • 10-year warranty

Optional Add Ons:

  • Diesel Generator allows the system to provide 24/7 reliability 

  • Trailer Option allows for complete mobility

  • Auxillary Solar Plug In to power larger loads

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